PUNO at the Humanitarian Expo

PUNO at the Humanitarian Expo

We are proud to announce that Polish University Abroad is a part of the biggest humanitarian expo in the European Union, with the MimiKazi project of Social Innovation app bringing Big Data and AI to Africa, to secure and develop up to 300 million basic job places and stop poverty significantly until 2030.

We’ve been invited by the Polish Authorities to present MimiKazi in front of the fact that poverty and unemployment is constantly growing in Africa. Only in Nigeria we’ve got 90 million people living in huge poverty and 20 million unemployed youth. Taking into account present growth of population, which is 3% a year, our world is in front of enormous humanitarian crisis.


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The European Union assess up to 20 million new job places do have to be introduced in Africa each year to stop poverty. Only up to 3 million are being created now. Most of them by China for their workers carrying out infrastructural projects in Africa.

What MimiKazi does is letting local African entrepreneurs do their work in a very optimal and relaiable way. Details this Tuesday, 15:45 CET in Warsaw: Humanitarian Expo