TICASS Conference: “Spaces of Transfers and Visual Management of Human Mobility”

TICASS Conference: “Spaces of Transfers and Visual Management of Human Mobility”

TICASS.eu international conference: “Spaces of Transfers and Visual Management of Human Mobility”, will by held by the Polish University Abroad and will take place on 11th May 2019 at 9.30am in Multimedia Room, 4th floor of the POSK building in London (W6 0RF).

The ways people interact with their environment and with each other have changed as a result of transformations in communication, mobility and ways to access information. Our mobility, whether by foot, car or public transport, is guided visually through signage, GPS, Google maps, route planning, applications for public transport and so on. Technology, including smart-phones, tablets and laptops, allows us to navigate to and within unfamiliar places. At the same time, these devices may discourage verbal communication with other people as the required information can be easily accessed without human interaction.

There are differences in the ways different groups of people understand signs and other forms of visual communication. People, differentiated by culture, age, class, disability, often comprehend the form, organisation and colour of visual communication in different ways. The challenge, for visual communication and the management of mobility, is to understand these differences and to find ways to visually communicate mobility-related information efficiently and effectively. Current levels of mobility and migration make this an urgent task.

The aim of this conference is to:

  • reflect on how mobility is influenced by visual communication accessed via technology (smart-phones, tablets, etc.)
  • consider how different recipient groups understand various kinds of visual communication in cities
  • analyse changes in people’s behaviour as a result of visual communication in defined spaces (airports, train stations, etc.).

During the Conference, participants will visit the exhibition “RAPPROCHEMENT with public space” held at the Polish University Abroad in London.

We encourage scholars from the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Visual Communication and Media to contribute to the conference. The conference will provide a platform for the exchange of ideas on visual communication and urban public space, and aims to promote theoretical and social innovation.


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