Seminar schedule 2015/16

11 May 2016

Dr Joanna Beata Michlic (University of Bristol)

Rescuers of Jews in Poland: History and Memory.






4 May 2016

Jarek Garliński (prize-winning translator)

The Sikorski-Maisky Pact of July 1941.






6 April 2016

Dr Andrea Mason (LSE)

The Flight of Stanisław Mikołajczyk and Maria Buyno: The Conclusion of Britain’s Commitment to Poland





9 March 2016

Professor Michael Fleming (PUNO)

Resistance and Revolt at Sobibór






17 February 2016

Dr Ursula Phillips (UCL SSEES)

Zofia Nałkowska as a Critic of Polish Reality.






16 December 2015

Agata Błaszczyk, Polish University Abroad [Agata Blaszczyk jest też członkiem Young Academic Networks Foundation for European Progressive Studies – Bruksela, i pracuje nad opracowaniem zbiorowym Belonging in Europe: legal and political perspectives.]

The Committee for the Education of Poles in Great Britain (1947-1954). The experience of British migrant settlement policy.



25 November 2015

Dr Joanna Rzepa (Early Career Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Study, University of Warwick)

Transmission and Translation of Holocaust Literature: The Curious Case of Jerzy Andrzejewski’s ‘Apel’





28 October 2015

Professor Marek Wierzbicki, Institute of National Remembrance (IPN), Radom.

Forgotten heroes of Solidarity – the youth political opposition in communist Poland during the 1980s